Bresser Optics 7000001 digital weather station Black,Silver AC/Battery
€ 23.00
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Bresser Optics 7000001 digital weather station Black,Silver AC/Battery

Veikala kods   9696322
Ražotāja kods   7000001
EAN   4007922028217
Ir piegādātāju noliktavā   9

BRESSER TemeoTrend Sunny Weather Station

With the BRESSER TemeoTrend Sunny you will not only get a weather station that provides a lot of information. With its timeless and unobtrusive design it blends elegantly in almost every surrounding. On the slim display of the weather station, next to the indoor temperature and humidity, the weather trend for the next six hours is indicated by symbols in four steps (sunny, partly sunny, cloudy, rainy). Additionally, time and date together with the weekday are set and shown automatically by radio signal.A further advantage is the integrated alarm with snooze mode, which makes a very handy 2in1 device out of the BRESSER TemeoTrend Sunny. At the preset alarm time the alarm tone sounds and varies with the time. The alarm can be paused for about five minutes (snooze mode) or turned off by the push of a button.The weather station comes with a wireless outdoor sensor, which transmits the temperature information to the station. Up to three such sensors can be connected to the station simultaneously.