Sony XM-N1004 car audio amplifier
€ 92.50
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13 Aprils
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13 Aprils
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Sony XM-N1004 car audio amplifier

Veikala kods   9693335
Ražotāja kods   XMN1004.EUR
EAN   4905524761740
Ir piegādātāju noliktavā   5

Automatic Thermal Control: High temperatures can have a negative effect on amplifier components, often causing the amp to shut down until it returns to a cooler temperature. Automatic Thermal Control lowers the amp’s output, so you won’t ever need to worry about the amp suddenly cutting out..

Stay cool: The amp’s design maximises air circulation within the unit, allowing it to remain cool while reproducing stable, powerful sound that’s free from distortion..

High-quality components: You deserve to hear your favourite tracks reproduced in outstanding sound quality. The Stereo Power Amplifier utilises high-quality audio capacitors, output transistors, and choke coils to ensure true, reliable sound reproduction..

Low Pass Filter (LPF): Music sounds better when the correct frequencies are channelled to the right parts of your speakers. The built-in LPF ensures that only deep bass sounds are directed to your subwoofer..

High Pass Filter (HPF): Like the Low Pass Filter, the HPF ensures that everything but the deepest bass notes are directed to your full-range speakers..