Philips Voice Tracer DVT1300 dictaphone Internal memory Black,Silver
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Philips Voice Tracer DVT1300 dictaphone Internal memory Black,Silver

Veikala kods   9693150
Ražotāja kods   DVT1300
EAN   8717953252227
Ir piegādātāju noliktavā   10

Stereo MP3 recording for excellent sound quality
Two sensitive stereo microphones capture your notes and conversations in digital quality. The popular MP3 format allows you to play back your recordings virtually anywhere and easily share them with others.
Noise Cut feature for crystal clear recordings
The innovative Noise Cut feature automatically filters out disturbing surround sounds such as wind or traffic, enabling clear recordings, even in noisy environments.
Fold-out stand for even better sound pick up
The integrated recording stand allows you to prop up your digital recorder, enabling even better sound quality pick-up.
Large speaker for clear audio playback
The large speaker enables clear audio playback. High sound quality ensure recordings are understood at first listen and do not need to be re-played.
Backlit display for easy file navigation
The large graphical display lets you view all important file information at a glance, even in poor lighting conditions, thanks to the backlit display.
4 GB built in for extra long recording hours
With the 4 GB of built-in memory, your recorder is able to capture multiple days of continuous recording.
Extra long battery runtime for longer recording sessions
The batteries of the new recorder last for up to 44 hours for extra long recording sessions.
Line-in jack for easy attachment of an additional microphone
The line-in jack enables users to attach external devices such as additional microphones, for even better sound quality.