Satel SPW-220 R Wired siren Indoor Red,White
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Satel SPW-220 R Wired siren Indoor Red,White

Veikala kods   10791637
Ražotāja kods   SPW-220R
EAN   5905033333208
Ir piegādātāju noliktavā   1

Indoor siren with optical and acoustical signaling

SPW-220 R is a siren with optical and acoustic signaling, designed for indoor installation and provided with super-bright LEDs and piezoelectric transducer. The two optical sets placed on the sides of the enclosure make the light alarm of the device perfectly visible even from a large distance, also in daylight. It offers three types of 120 dB intensity modulated tones to choose from. The loud signal ensures good audibility over a large area, e.g. in warehouses, production halls, parking lots inside buildings, etc. Enclosure of the siren is made of polycarbonate, thus ensuring high mechanical strength and aesthetic appearance of the device that remains unchanged over time. The siren is provided with tamper protection against opening or tearing off the wall.

The SPW-220 optical-acoustic siren is available in three color versions: SPW-220 R (red), SPW-220 BL (blue) and SPW-220 O (orange).