HOFATS Starter
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HOFATS Starter

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BBQ STARTERand#4; and#4; höfats chimney starter can be used like a normal one, but also according to the höfats ignition principle. With the höfats ignition principle, the chimney starter does not have to be turned around, but only pulled upwards. There are no flying sparks or ashes. The höfats lighting solution is therefore much safer and comfortable compared to conventional chimney starters. BBQ STARTER includes 2,5 kg of the Kohlemanufaktur premium coal briquettes and also 4 fuel pastes – the best fuel in the BBQ market. These combination allows firing without producing any smoke and thus no harmful substances for humans and nature alike.and#4; and#4; - Smokeless + fast igniteand#4; - incl. 2,5 kg PREMIUM coal briquettes und 4x 50 g fuel paste and#4; - Maximum safetyand#4; - Handle always touchableand#4; - 2,5 kg capacityand#4; - Brushed stainless steeland#4; - Product Dimensions: Ø 19 cm, 31 cmand#4; - Product Weight: 1,30 kg