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Veikala kods   10408760
Ražotāja kods   SETPERFECTA32-WRL/A
EAN   5905033332935
Ir piegādātāju noliktavā   3

The PERFECTA family control panels are designed to protect small and medium-sized premises, such as apartments, detached houses, segments of terraced houses, offices, small businesses, etc. They provide protection to the requirements of Grade 2 EN 50131.
PERFECTA 32-WRL is characterized by simple configuration, intuitive operation and easy control. The control panel allows you to create a wireless system and a hybrid system (combination with the traditional wired system). Two-way communication with the wireless PRF-LCD-WRL keypads and MSP-300 R sirens is realized at 433 MHz. In the wireless system, the MICRA series detectors and the new MPT-350 keyfobs are also used. This allows you to easily expand the existing system, without having to lay extra cable runs.
The built-in GSM/GPRS module provides a wide range of features: interaction with the functional and intuitive PERFECTA CONTROL application for mobile devices (with support for PUSH messaging), remote configuration using the PERFECTA Soft program, reporting events (e.g. to the monitoring station security agency), voice messaging, control via SMS and audio verification (listening in to the sounds from the protected premises). Two nano-SIM cards are supported to ensure continuity of communication: if any problems occur with the first operator range, the second card is automatically selected.

Set made of: PERFECTA 32-WRL  + ANT-GSM-I + OPU-4P

Shipping box quantity1
Shipping Box Width11.5
Shipping Box Depth30
Shipping Box Height27
Shipping Box Weight1.424
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