Philips 3000 series HD8829/09 coffee maker Countertop Espresso machine 1.8 L Fully-auto
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Philips 3000 series HD8829/09 coffee maker Countertop Espresso machine 1.8 L Fully-auto

Veikala kods   8346641
Ražotāja kods   HD8829/09
EAN   8710103772514
Ir piegādātāju noliktavā   23

Your favorite cappuccino, just one touch away
With high capacities in a compact size
With the Philips 3000 Series Easy Cappuccino, your favorite Cappuccino is just a one
touch job. Thanks to its high capacity in a compact design, you can enjoy espresso, coffee
and cappuccino from fresh beans at the touch of a button.

Your fresh coffee experience
- Hot espresso, coffee and cappuccino at the touch of a button
- Robust Ceramic burr grinders for long lasting quality
- Hot coffee from the first cup with the quick heat boiler
Any coffee for any moment
- Get a stronger aroma with the AROMA PLUS function
- Save your favorite length with the MEMO function
- Adjustable grinding settings to satisfy any taste
Your coffee moment with no hassle
- High capacities in a compact design
- Fits your cup thanks to the adjustable coffee spout
- External milk container included, easy to clean and store
- Remove milk residues with our deep MILK CLEAN function
- Removable brewing group for high hygiene
- Auto-cleaning cycle and descaling program

One touch drinks
You can get a perfectly brewed espresso and coffee right in your cup from freshly ground beans, simply push a button and wait a few seconds. Now, with the new Easy Cappuccino System, your one touch cappuccino has never been so easy. You can also have two coffee cups at the same time thanks to the 2x function.

100% ceramic burr grinders
Ceramic material ensures long-lasting performance and silent operation while not deteriorating. This means you coffee will be always ground like the first time, delivering the best of your beans for more than 15.000 cups.

Quick heat boiler
Say goodbye to lukewarm coffee. The Quick heat boiler ensures a hot coffee and cappuccino for you family from the first cup, in no time.

Aroma plus function
Are you in the mood for a stronger cup? Just push the Aroma plus button and enjoy a stronger espresso, coffee and cappuccino in no time. The machine will increase the quantity of coffee ground to provide you with a strong kick of delicious coffee.

MEMO function
You will always get a coffee brewed to your personal preference thanks to our memo function, which allows you to adjust and save the coffee and cappuccino length in your cup. With this function, your machine will know exactly how you prefer your coffee and cappuccino.

Adjustable grinding settings
You can adjust the fineness of the grinders at 5 different levels. Choose the finest grinding for a full bodied espresso, all the way up to the coarsest for a lighter coffee, all according to your preferred taste.

Clever design
Enjoy more room and go longer without refill thanks to the high-capacity bean, water, and waste containers in a super-compact design. This smart, super-automatic machine provides you with maximum convenience, top notch performance, and large capacities (a 60.8 oz. (1.8 l) water tank, 0.5 lb (250 g) bean container, and a waste container capacity of up to 15 servings).